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Song for the Special

This is…wow.  My fave chunk: 

"…Laughable jealousies, jealousies of everyone who might get a chance to speak from the dead. I’ve zoomed out my timeline to include the apocalypse, and, religionless, I worship the potential for my own tangible trace."

Excerpted from The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories, a posthumous collection by Marina Keegan, who was killed in a car accident in May 2012.

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Happy STAND Release Day!

It has been one heck of an awesome day!  I couldn’t ask for better readers/fans.  Thanks to everyone who has read the book already, and to all of you who will.  I appreciate each and every one of you—whether you like the book or not.  

So far, STAND (Shift Series #4) is live on…

Apple iBookstore (which I can’t link to, so search for my name if you prefer to get your books at the ibookstore.)  

I will update my website as it comes available at other ebookstores across the interwebs. 

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The Countdown to STAND is almost over! | Sneak Peek #3

Stand releases on Monday!  So, here’s your final taste of what’s to come.  I hope you all love STAND as much as I do!  I’d love to hear what you think!  Tweet at me, write on my Facebook wall, or hit me up on Tumblr!  And please please please, if you love it (or even if you don’t!) write a review so others will know what you think. 

She took a deep, shuttering breath and when she smiled this time, it wasn’t empty, but full of relief.  “Oh, thank god.”  Tears ran freely when she opened her eyes again.  “Drake is—he’s better than I ever would have asked him to be.  I’m so glad Carrie will have him.  And you.  Both of you.  And I’m so glad Collin will have you both—and Ferris, and…”


The air kicked off, plunging the room into silence again.  But it wasn’t the AC that had made my blood run cold in my veins.  

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The Countdown to STAND Continues! | Sneak Peek # 2

Here it is, the second countdown snippet of STAND (Shift Series #4)!  STAND releases on Monday, 3.31.14, and I can’t wait! 

“They always keep that door locked,” a blood-boiling, familiar voice said when I rattled the handle for the second time. 

I turned to find Topher sitting on the stairs. 

“It’s nothing personal,” he said with a shrug.  “They’re paranoid.”

He was wearing expensive looking jeans and a grey sweater as he sat on a step and leaned back with his elbows on one above.  I took a deep breath in an attempt to keep my simmering anger at bay, shook my head, turned and walked away.  At least if he was here, I told myself, it meant he wasn’t with Leah.  Silver linings, I guess.  I walked the four or five steps to the front door.  But I couldn’t leave—Leah was here. I wasn’t going anywhere.  I sure as shit couldn’t sit still though, either.  I walked back to the door Leah was behind.  Then to the mouth of a hallway, then back to the front door again.

It was like pacing was my new favorite hobby or something.

“So, I wrote Leah some days back,” Topher said as I began lap two of my triangle. 

I couldn’t stop the bitter scoff that raked up my throat.  Nor the way my blood pressure ticked up a notch.  Yeah, he’d written her alright. 

“I’ll take that as confirmation that she received my letter,” Topher went on. 

I paused only long enough to shoot him a death stare.  I could feel that Leah was still here—she wasn’t far away—but there was a lot of structure between her and me, I thought.  I could feel her warmth, but not with the level of detail I’d have expected.  So… would she feel me do it if I ripped Topher limb from limb right here in this hallway?  

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I’m dying to talk to…

…other indie authors who DON’T participate in KDP Select. Not with the goal of ranting, I promise—I’m just interested to know why other authors don’t do it, and what impacts they have seen (positive and negative) as a result of that decision.  

I decided not to participate in KDP Select because I don’t want to limit who can read my books.  To me, going exclusive is tantamount to telling someone “you have a Nook (or Sony E-reader, etc.)  so you aren’t allowed to read my books,” and that’s just not my style.  That said, it’s become clear that Amazon merchandises those enrolled in the program more favorably than those who aren’t, which is their prerogative, of course.  I know I’m probably hurting myself more than I’m helping myself in regards to book sales by continuing to abstain from KDP Select, but when I start to think it’s a good idea, I always come back to exclusivity just being too far outside my comfort zone.  Book sales aren’t why I do this anyway—sharing my stories and characters are why I publish the things I write, not making money (though it’s certainly a wonderful side-effect!)  

Anyway, the KDP Select debate is not a new one, which is why I don’t want to have the debate—there are plenty of great articles and threads out there about that already!  But I do want to hear from other authors about their experiences as a non-KDP Select Indie.  If you’d like to share.  :) 

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The Countdown to STAND continues! | Sneak Peek #1

We’re 1 week away from STAND’s release!  It’s almost too good to be true! Keep checking back as I post two more snippets between now and Sunday! 

“No way…” Drake sunk down onto the sofa, staring at the television.  I stayed standing, unable to unglue my eyes from the screen, shocked speechless.

 This had to be some kind of joke.  I kept waiting for the ticker running across the bottom of the screen that read “Breaking News” to change to “April Fools” or “This is just a nightmare,” or something even more ridiculous: “The earth is flat,” or “Vampires are real—“  Oh wait.  That one was true.  Shit.  

“So you decided it was time to come to us and make a plea.”

It was hard to hear the TV through the sound of my own heartbeat in my ears. 

“That’s right.  I saw the way Mythological Affairs was making a concerted effort to keep everyone safe,” said Teresa.  “And it made me reflect on my role in all this.  It made me realize I should help.”  

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The Countdown to STAND (Shift Series #4) Continues! | Chapter Titles

STAND releases on 3.31.14 (only a little more than a week away!)  Next week, I’ll start posting STAND snippets as we countdown the final days, but in the meantime, enjoy this list of the chapter titles from STAND to get those gears turning! 

Chapter 1: Heartburn

Chapter 2: When It Rains…

Chapter 3: Downpour

Chapter 4: Working it Out

Chapter 5: You Can’t Expect The Unexpected

Chapter 6: Not Alone

Chapter 7: Unintended Secrets

Chapter 8: One-Eighty

Chapter 9: Driving into Hell

Chapter 10: Three is a Crowd

Chapter 11: Blindsided

Chapter 12: Maybe If I… 

Chapter 13: Crawling Out of My Skin

Chapter 14: (Hidden—too much a spoiler) 

Chapter 15: Losing It

Chapter 16: Thinning Patience and Revelations

Chapter 17: Too Much To Think About

Chapter 18: The Final Straw

Chapter 19: Criminal

Chapter 20: Never Enough

Chapter 21: What Next? 

Chapter 22: How Does She Do It?

Chapter 23: So Hard. 

Chapter 24: Into The Rest

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