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I’ve been working on the final edition of the final book in the Shift Series: the STAND paperback.  And, well, it got me reflecting on this wild journey. So, until the end of August, I have made SHIFT (the first book in the series) $1.99 on Smashwords when you use this coupon code: AB67D

I figure some of you might be looking for some summer reading, or have been bugging a friend to read it, or what have you, so feel free to reblog and/or tell a friend!  I mean, SHIFT takes place over the course of one summer, so now is really the perfect time to read it.  :) 

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Sailor Moon dishing out advice to y’all. Play it in the background and absorb some life lessons.

If you never watched the DiC dub, then you might not know about Sailor Says. It was a unique segment that used episode footage to teach kids some very overt lessons, but really, behind all the cheese and silliness, there are a lot of beautiful things that people of all ages should hear, including:

  • Don’t stick around in a bad relationship
  • Food positivity
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • Do the right thing even if it’s tough
  • Be a supportive but honest person and friend
  • Be Good

I always loved this section when I watched it growing up


I remember these! The English dubbed version was so bad in so many ways, but Sailor Says at the end of each episode was super cute.  And now it cashes in on nostalgia for sure.  :) 

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I just watched How I Live Now (based on the book by Meg Rosoff). Um…. Holy shit. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a movie stick so true to a book. And I don’t know if I’ve never needed sunshine and lollipops more before going to bed than I do right now.

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Oh no. Zulily is running a sale on vintage style marquee lights.  There’s an ampersand. I’m done for. 

Oh no. Zulily is running a sale on vintage style marquee lights.  There’s an ampersand. I’m done for.